Pending Published Applications

New Renaissance Institute’s patent status as of September 19, 2014 is as follows:

TitlePublication NumberApplication NumberPriority DatesPDFText OnlyRelated Patents
Flexible Modular Hierarchical Adaptively Controlled Electronic-System Cooling and Energy Harvesting For IC Chip Packaging, Printed Circuit Boards, Subsystems, Cages, Racks, It Rooms, and Data Centers Using Quantum and Classical Thermoelectric Materials2017/018666615/458,771

PDFText Semiconductor and Data Center Cooling
Cylindrical Optical Tomography for Microscopy, Cell Cytometry, Microplate Array Instrumentation, Crystallography, and Other Applications
PDFTextProximate Microscopic Imaging and Tomography
Valve-Manifold Laboratory Glassware with Motorized Longitudinally-Movable Gate Rotating Plug Valves for Chemical Laboratory Automation and Other Applications 2017/016567115/442,61410/06/2009PDFTextChemical Laboratory Automation
Laboratory Stopcock Valve Manifold With Arbitrary Mapping of Flow to Rotation Angle and Provisions for Motorized Planetary Gear Control
PDFTextChemical Laboratory Automation

General Spatial-Gesture Grammar User Interface For Touchscreens, High Dimensional Touch Pad (HDTP), Free-Space Camera, And Other User Interfaces
2016/037819815/260,84005/04/2011PDFText Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Three-Dimensional Multiple-Layer Microfluidic Micro-Droplet Arrays For Chemical And Biochemical Microreactors, Miniature Bioreactors, Heat Transfer, And General Spatial-Gesture Grammar User Interface For Touchscreens, High Dimensional Touch Pad (Hdtp), Free-Space Camera, And Other User Interfaces
2016/037544015/260,80102/16/2012PDFText Semiconductor and Data Center Cooling

Removable fluidics structures for microarray, microplates, sensor arrays, and other removable media2014/027481413/815,75703/15/2013PDFTextLab On a Chip and Microfluidics
Cell Incubator and Cellular Culture Laboratory Test bed 2014/027319113/844,62103/15/2013PDFTextLab On a Chip and Microfluidics
Modular Biochemical Signaling Laboratory Breadboard for Disease Research, Drug Discovery, Cell Biology, and Other Applications 2014/027304514/216,42003/15/2013PDFTextBiochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
Mobile Microscopy Device and Method Therefor2014/026767013/844,63403/15/2013PDFTextProximate Microscopic Imaging and Tomography
Wearable Gesture Based Control Device2014/026712314/292,77005/15/1999PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Sensor Array Touchscreen Recognizing Finger Flick Gesture from Spatial Distribution Profiles 2014/021078614/229,68105/15/1999
PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Cross-feedback-controlled hysteron synthesized hysteresis networks for signal processing, controllers, music, and computer simulations in physics, engineering, and economics2014/016370214/180,57907/20/2010PDFText Advanced Signal Processing
Flow state aware management of QOS through dynamic aggregate bandwidth adjustments2014/014667914/171,60506/30/2009
PDFText Bandwidth Management
Split, Break, Substitute, and Fragment-Splice Operations for Computer Models of Enzyme Cascades, Metabolic Signal Transduction, Signaling Pathways, Catalytic Chemical Reaction Networks, and Immunology2014/012919614/150,01004/26/2009
PDFText Biochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
Flow State Aware Management of QOS with a distributed classifier
PDFText Bandwidth Management
Modular Approach to Large String Array Electronic Musical Instruments such as Specialized Harps, Zithers, Sympathetic String Arrays, Partch Kithara and Harmonic Cannon
12/15/2003PDFText Music Instruments
High Parameter-Count Touchpad Controller
05/15/1999PDFText Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Sensor Array Touchscreen Recognizing Touch Gestures
05/15/1999PDFText Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Small-Profile Lensless Optical Microscopy Imaging and Tomography Instruments and Elements For Low Cost And Integrated Microscopy2014/009222914/105,108
PDFText Proximate Microscopic Imaging and Tomography
Modular Computer-Controlled Multistep Chemical Processing System for Use in Laboratory Automation or Chemical Production
2014/001073414/023,29212/04/2007PDFText Chemical Laboratory Automation
Additional Touch-Gesture Sensors for Rear or Sides of Mobile Devices 2013/032133713/959,619
PDFText Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Energy Management Information System for Complex Buildings and Campuses2013/028996713/674,94305/08/2010PDFTextBuilding Energy Management
Microprocessor-Controlled Microfluidic Platform for Pathogen, Toxin, Biomarker, and Chemical Detection with Removable Updatable Sensor Array for Food and Water Safety, Medical, and Laboratory Applications2013/021759813/761,14202/06/2012 02/07/2012 03/22/2012PDFTextBiosensor and Chemical Sensor Array Systems
Adaptive Multi-Level Control For Variable-Hierarchy-Structure Hierarchical Systems2013/021155313/769,18302/15/2012PDFTextControl Systems
Heat Transfer Subsystem Interconnection Arrangements for Information Technology2013/019227013/678,51902/16/2011PDFTextSemiconductor and Data Center Cooling
Advanced Touch Control of a Media Player Application Via Finger Angle Using A High Dimensional Touchpad (HDTP) Touch User Interface2013/0185636 13/786,32607/12/2008
PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Advanced Touch Control of Internet Browser Via Finger Angle Using a High DimensionalTouchpaad (HDTP) Touch User Interface2013/017981013/786,30407/12/2008
PDFText Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Spherical Touch Sensors and Signal/Power Architectures For Trackballs, Globes, Displays, and Other Applications2013/014774313/712,74912/12/2011PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Incremental Deployment of Stand-Alone and Hierarchical Adaptive Cooling and Energy Harvesting Arrangements for Information Technology2013/014611513/674,94602/16/2011PDFTextSemiconductor and Data Center Cooling
Software Systems for Development, Control, Programming, Simulation, and Emulation of Fixed and Reconfigurable Lab-On-A-Chip Devices 2013/014458613/757,66212/04/2007PDFTextLab On A Chip and Microfluidics
Heterogeneous Tactile Sensing via Multiple Sensor Types2013/014138813/706,21412/06/2011PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Gesteme (Gesture Primitive) Recognition for Advanced Touch User Interfaces: Signal Space Architectures for Generalized Gesture Capture2013/014137513/707,51812/06/2011PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Communications Among Subsystems in Adaptive Cooling and Energy Harvesting Arrangements for Information Technology2013/013371013/674,94802/16/2011PDFTextSemiconductor and Data Center Cooling
Interactive Data Visualization Utilizing HDTP Touchpad, HDTP Touchscreens, Advanced Multitouch, or Advanced Mice2013/009143712/875,12809/02/2009PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Room Electrical Usage Measurement Arrangements for Energy Management Systems and Building Environment Information Systems2013/006979613/674,94405/08/2010PDFTextBuilding Energy Management
HDTP Gesture Recognition2013/000989613/544,96007/09/2011PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Interactive WYSIWYG Control of Mathematical and Statistical Plots and Representational Graphics for Analysis and Data Visualization2012/031750913/357,59501/24/2011PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Simple Touch Interface and HDTP Grammars for Rapid Operation of Physical Computer Aided Design (CAD) Systems2012/028092713/464,94605/04/2011PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Use of OLED Displays as a High-Resolution Optical Tactile Sensor For High Dimensional Touchpad (HDTP) User Interfaces2012/027459613/547,02407/11/2011PDFTextIntegrated Lensless Camera, Touch, and Display
Flexible Modular Hierarchical Adaptively Controlled Electronic-System Cooling and Energy Harvesting For IC Chip Packaging, Printed Circuit Boards, Subsystems, Cages, Racks, IT Rooms, and Data Centers Using Quantum and Classical Thermoelectric Materials 2012/020457713/385,41102/16/2011PDFTextSemiconductor and Data Center Cooling
Towards the Very Smallest Electronic Circuits and Systems: Transduction, Signal Processing, and Digital Logic in Molecular Fused-Rings via Mesh Ring-Currents2012/011283012/940,04209/02/2009PDFTextMolecular Electronics
Rotary Plug, Ball, and Laboratory Stopcock Valves with Arbitrary Mapping of Flow to Rotation Angle and Provisions for Servo Controls2012/008595112/899,55110/06/2009PDFTextChemical Laboratory Automation
Touch-Based User Interfaces Employing Artificial Neural Networks for HDTP Parameter and Symbol Derivation2012/005684613/038,36503/01/2010PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
High-Dimensional Touchpad Game Controller with Multiple Usage and Networking Modalities2012/003497813/198,69108/05/2010PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Color Imaging Using Color LED Array as Light-Field Image Sensor2011/023455813/072,58803/25/2010PDFTextLensless Light Field Imaging
Curve-fitting Approach to HDTP Parameter Extraction2011/021094313/038,37203/01/2010PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Input Focus Control for High Dimensional Touchpad (HDTP), Advanced Mice, and Other Multidimensional User Interfaces2011/020293413/026,09702/12/2010PDFText Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Enhanced Roll-Over, Button, Menu, Slider, and Hyperlink Environments for High Dimensional Touchpad (HTPD), other Advanced Touch User Interfaces, and Advanced Mice2011/020288913/026,24802/12/2010PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) Providing Modeling, Decision Support Visualization, Sonification, Web Interface, Risk Management, Sensitivity Analysis, Sensor Telemetry, Field Video, and Field Audio2010/031851212/817,07406/16/2009
PDFTextData Visualization and Sonification
Controlled Light Sculptures For Visual Effects In Music Performance Applications2005/012637411/004,74605/15/1999PDFTextPerformance Technology
Musical Instrument Lighting For Visual Performance Effects2005/012637311/004,44905/15/1999PDFText Performance Technology
Envelope-Controlled Dynamic Layering Of Audio Signal Processing And Synthesis For Music Applications2005/012087011/040,16305/15/1999
PDFTextMusic Signal Processing