Music Control

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Controlling and Enhancing Electronic Musical Instruments with Video8,519,25010/683,91505/15/1999PDFTextMusic Control
Derivation of Control Signals from Real-Time Overtone Series Measurements7,960,64010/676,92605/15/1999PDFText Music Control
Processing and Generation of Control Signals for Real-Time Control of Music Signal Processing, Mixing, Video, and Lighting7,786,37009/812,40005/15/1999PDFText Music Control
Low Frequency Oscillator Providing Phase-Staggered MIDI-Output Control-Signals7,638,70411/299,23305/15/1999PDFText Music Control
Real Time Floor Controller For Control Of Music, Signal Processing, Mixing, Video, Lighting, And Other Systems6,689,94709/812,35705/15/1999PDFText Music Control

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