Data Visualization and Sonification

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Value-Driven Visualization Primitives for Tabular Data of Spreadsheets9,665,55413/669,43109/02/2009PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Joint and coordinated visual-sonic metaphors for interactive multi-channel data sonification to accompany data visualization 9,646,58914/176,00006/16/2009PDFTextData Visualization and Sonification
Surface-curve graphical intersection tools and primitives for data visualization, tabular data, and advanced spreadsheets
8,826,11413/673,73209/02/2009PDFText Data Visualization And Sonification
Surface-surface graphical intersection tools and primitives for data visualization, tabular data, and advanced spreadsheets 8,826,11313/670,34609/02/2009PDFText Data Visualization And Sonification
User Interface Metaphor Methods for Multi-Channel Data Sonification
06/16/2009PDFText Data Visualization and Sonification
Interactive Multi-Channel Data Sonification to Accompany Data Visualization with Partitioned Timbre Spaces Using Modulation of Timbre as Sonification Information Carriers8,440,90213/450,35006/16/2009PDFTextData Visualization and Sonification
Multi-Channel Data Sonification in Spatial Sound Fields with Partitioned Timbre Spaces Using Modulation of Timbre and Rendered Spatial Location as Sonification Information Carriers8,309,83313/450,33906/17/2010PDFText Data Visualization and Sonification
Multichannel Data Sonification System with Partitioned Timbre Spaces and Modulation Techniques8,247,67712/817,19606/16/2009PDFText Data Visualization and Sonification

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Interactive graphical surface-rendering data visualization tools for tabular data and spreadsheets2017/026242515/601,89205/22/2017PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Multi-channel data sonification employing data-modulated sound timbre classes 2017/023554815/585,70206/17/2010PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Interactive Data Visualization Utilizing HDTP Touchpad, HDTP Touchscreens, Advanced Multitouch, or Advanced Mice2013/009143712/875,12809/02/2009PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Interactive WYSIWYG Control of Mathematical and Statistical Plots and Representational Graphics for Analysis and Data Visualization2012/031750913/357,59501/24/2011PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) Providing Modeling, Decision Support Visualization, Sonification, Web Interface, Risk Management, Sensitivity Analysis, Sensor Telemetry, Field Video, and Field Audio2010/031851212/817,07406/16/2009
PDFTextData Visualization and Sonification

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Auditory Eigenfunction Approach to Auditory Language Design, Implemention, and Rendering Optimized for Human Auditory Perception
Data Visualization And Sonification