New Renaissance Institute is a privately held interdisciplinary research and development institution engaged in multifaceted activities of pure research, development of new technologies, and new analytical theories. It is set up to support a diversity of for-profit, non-profit, privately funded, grant-based, and partnership-based activities relating to original or emerging disciplines and technology areas.

New Renaissance Institute maintains a thematic philosophy that viable theoretic frameworks are as much a technology and tool of progress as hardware, materials, manufacturing processes, and software.

New Renaissance Institute specifically leverages an interworking of traditionally separated disciplines as a key tool in synthesis of new operable theory and useful technology.

New Renaissance Institute pursues a range of added value including licensable intellectual property, publications, and planned grant activities. At the moment, New Renaissance Institute is entirely privately funded. New Renaissance Institute produces research findings, inventions, designs, and analysis in the forms of:

  • Intellectual Property (Patent Licensing and Technology Transfer)
  • Patented and Patent-Pending Technology and Documentation
  • Research Whitepapers
  • Journal Publications

All licensing proceeds are used to fund NRI’s pure and academic research. This is the sole basis of the licensing program. In addition, New Renaissance Institute has available expertise in pure mathematics, electronics, systems modeling, advanced networking, computer architecture, telecommunications architecture, music systems engineering, acoustics, optics, multimedia systems, stochastic processes, chemical systems, selected areas of nanotechnology, and various additional topics in the arts, pure sciences, engineering, and humanities.