Pending Unpublished Patent Applications

Accordingly, NRI technical staff and interns have created and filed more than 259 original patent assets stemming from NRI's internal R&D.

New Renaissance Institute’s patent status as of November 22, 2021 is as follows:

All but four of the NRI-originated patent assets were entirely written by NRI technical staff and interns.
TitleApplication NumberPriority DatesRelated Patents
Layered Optoelectronic Array Approach to Integrated Display, Lensless Light-Field Camera, Touch-Screens, Hand-Gesture User Interface Devices, and Associated Features16/733,20901/02/2020Integrated Lensless Camera, Touch, and Display
Proprietary descriptive title withheld62/950,75412/19/2019C*-Algebras in Next-Generation Information, Reasoning, Analysis, and Prediction
Non-Integer and Continuous-Index Homology For Continuous Geometries, Orthomodular Lattices, Multifractals, and Other Spaces With Applications to Quantum Computing, Risk, Finance, Pricing, and Insurance17/039,91505/29/2019C*-Algebras in Next-Generation Information, Reasoning, Analysis, and Prediction
Systems and Methods for Combining Machine Intelligence and NextGeneration Computational Biochemical Network Dynamical Models16/853,73604/19/2019Biochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
Miniaturized Direct Optical Absorption Gas Sensor Arrangements for Enclosed Chambers, and Microplate Wells, Piping, and Conduits16/460,97407/03/2018Biosensor and Chemical Sensor Array Systems
Microplate Lid Arrangements for Providing Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies with Per-Well Fluidics, Gas Exchange, Electronic Sensors, and Imaging16/502,29607/03/2018Next-Generation Microplate Technologies
Functional Layer and Other Functional Modular Arrangements for Micro-Conduit Fluidics and Gas Exchange, Sensors, Illumination, and Imaging16/502,79307/03/2018Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Optical Tomography Optoelectronic Arrangements for Advanced Microscopy Applications17/081,99208/09/2013Proximate Microscopic Imaging and Tomography
Removable Internally-Actuated Controlled Fluidics Structures for Interfacing with Microarray, Microplates, Sensor Arrays, and Other Removable Media
16/730,97803/15/2013Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Rate-Constant Invariance Simplifications for Analysis Systems of Biochemical Signaling Networks, Metabolic Networks, Catalytic Chemical Reaction Networks, and Immunology
08/01/2012Biochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
Three-Dimensional Multiple-Layer Microfluidic Micro-Droplet Arrays with Micrifluidic Bus for Chemical and Biochemical Microreactors, Miniature Bioreactors, Heat Transfer, and Other Applications16/565,29402/16/2012Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Adaptive Multi-Level Control for Variable-Hierarchy-Structure Hierarchical Systems Comprising Multiple Controllers in One of the Hierarchical Control Levels16/695,05002/15/2012Adaptive Multi-Level Control Systems

Heterogeneous Tactile Sensing Via Multiple Sensor Types Using Spatial Information Processing Acting on Initial Image Processed Data from Each Sensor16/051,23312/06/2011Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Hierarchical Touch Primitives, Gesteme, and Gesture Recognition with Grammar and Prosody Features for Advanced Touch User Interfaces16/588,76812/06/2011Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Heterogeneous Tactile Sensing Via Multiple Sensor Types Using Sensor Fusion Processing Acting on Initial Spatial Processed Data from Each Sensor16/588,86212/06/2011Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Vignetted planar spatial light-field sensor and spatial sampling designs for far-field lensless synthetic imaging via signal processing image formation
04/20/2011Lensless Light-Field Imaging
Methods for High-Dimensional Touch Parameter (HDTP) Game Controllers with Multiple Usage and Networking Modalities16/836,87708/05/2010Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Color Light-Field or Imaging Sensor Array of Inherently Wavelength-Selective Optoelectronic Elements with Color-Space Transformation, Additionally Capable of Emitting Light for Use as a Display16/773,95503/01/2010Lensless Light-Field Imaging
Curve-Fitting Approach to Touch Gesture Finger Pitch and Roll Parameter Extraction in the Presence of Finger Yaw Angles16/884,00803/01/2010Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Chemical Synthesis and Analysis Via Integrated, Sequential and Series-Parallel Photochemical and Electrochemical Processes for Microfluidic, Lab-On-A-Chip, and Green-Chemistry Applications
02/11/2010Chemical Processing

Towards the Very Smallest Electronic Molecular Electronic Circuits and Systems: Heterogeneous-Input, Transduction, Signal Processing, and Digital Logic in Molecular Fused-Rings via Ring Currents
16/714,688 11/04/2009 Molecular Electronics
Rotary Plug and Laboratory Stopcock for Valves Implementing a Predetermined Mapping of Rotation Angle to Flow Rate And Provisions for Servo Controls16/424,27710/06/2009Chemical Processing

High-Resolution Hand-Rotatable Plug Valve with Motorized Longitudinally-Movable Gate Rotating for Use as a Stopcock With Laboratory Glassware In Chemical Laboratory Automation and Other Applications16/588,92110/06/2009Chemical Lab Automation
Data Flow Management Arrangements for Multi-Channel Data Sonification Systems16/525,48107/31/2009Data Visualization and Sonification
Visual Motion Information Encoding and Decoding Based on Human Visual Motion Perception Eigenfunction Model in Hilbert Space 17/094,56207/31/2009Advanced Signal Processing
Multi-Channel Chemical Transport Bus with Bus-Associated Sensors for Microfluidic and Other Applications
12/04/2007Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Distributed, Hierarchical, And Multitask Software Control of Conduit-Based Microfluidic Arrangements for Lab-On-Chip and Miniature Chemical Processing16/659,571 11/28/2006Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Non-Smooth Image Sensor Surface Lensless Light-Field Imaging Systems for Enabling a Wide Range of Entirely New Applications16/773,92507/11/2016
Lensless Light-Field Imaging
Sequential Classification Recognition of Gesture Primitives and Window-Based Parameter Smoothing For High Dimensional Touchpad (HDTP) User Interfaces
Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Computational Optical Tomography Optoelectronic Arrangements for Microscopy, Cell Cytometry, Microplate Array Instrumentation, Crystallography, and Other Applications16/878,57206/16/2009Proximate Microscopic Imaging and Tomography
Small-Profile Lensless Optical Tomography and Lensless Microscopic Imaging Arrangements for Low Cost Instrumentation and Integration16/700,79806/16/09
Proximate Microscopic Imaging and Tomography
Vignetted Optoelectronic Array for Use in Synthetic Image Formation via Signal Processing, Lensless Cameras, and Integrated Camera-Displays 14/478,920
05/25/2008Lensless Light-Field Imaging
Human User Interfaces Recognizing Interruption of the Execution of a First Gesture with the Execution of a Second Gesture Utilizing Pause or Lift-Off
Touch, Gesture, and HDTP