Patent Assets Assigned To NRI Spinouts

As described below, some NRI patent assets and acquired third party assets have been assigned to two affiliated NRI Spin-Out companies.

Traditional and Touchscreen and Free-Space Gesture-Based User Interface Patent Assets Assigned to Advanced Touchscreen and Gesture Technologies, LLC (ATGT)

NRI performed a great deal of early pioneering work in gesture-based touchscreen user interfaces many years before some became widely adopted. Advanced Touchscreen and Gesture Technologies, LLC (ATGT), based in San Antonio Texas, is a technology commercialization and IP licensing company working in the area of touch and gesture technologies. Launched in March 2015, it was assigned a number of NRI patent assets in the touch and video gesture area, some of which are fundamental to current pervasive industry.

ATGT Issued Patents

ATGT Pending Published Patents

ATGT Pending Unpublished Applications

Additionally, NRI’s exciting gesture grammar, 6D-touch technology, and X-dimension MultiTouch technologies and patents are being licensed to ATGT for its OEM productization development.

Third-Party Bandwidth Management Patent Assets Acquired by New Renaissance Technologies and Intellectual Property, Inc. (NRT&IP)

New Renaissance Technology and Intellectual Property, Inc. (NRT&IP), initially “New Renaissance Commercial” was originally formed in 2010 to commercialize NRI’s new technologies through investment-based incubating of spinout companies and to perform patent transactions. Spinouts were found to be more naturally emergent from NRI itself and NRT&IP has transitioned to transaction entity for 3rd-Party intellectual property related to NRI’s activities. Below are examples of NRT&IP’s acquired patent assets in the bandwidth management area. NRT&IP is working to acquire a selected complementary technology family of bandwidth management patents and a planned coordination with NRI to further develop the composite suite of bandwidth management technology.

NRT&IP Issued Patents

NRT&IP Pending Published Patent Applications

NRT&IP Pending Unpublished Applications