Patent Assets Assigned To NRT&IP

Third-Party Bandwidth Management Patent Assets Acquired by New Renaissance Technologies and Intellectual Property, Inc. (NRT&IP)



New Renaissance Technology and Intellectual Property, Inc. (NRT&IP), initially “New Renaissance Commercial” was originally formed in 2010 to commercialize NRI’s new technologies through investment-based incubating of spinout companies and to perform patent transactions. Spinouts were found to be more naturally emergent from NRI itself and NRT&IP has transitioned to transaction entity for 3rd-Party intellectual property related to NRI’s activities. Below are examples of NRT&IP’s acquired patent assets in the bandwidth management area. NRT&IP is working to acquire a selected complementary technology family of bandwidth management patents and a planned coordination with NRI to further develop the composite suite of bandwidth management technology.

NRT&IP Issued Patents

NRT&IP Pending Published Patent Applications

NRT&IP Pending Unpublished Applications