Pending Published Patent Applications

Accordingly, NRI and NRI staff have created and filed more than 241 original patent assets.

New Renaissance Institute’s patent status as of March 8, 2019 is as follows:

Aside from the 9 acquired patent assets mentioned, all NRI patent assets are of NRI inventors and were written and filed by NRI staff.

TitlePublication NumberApplication NumberPriority DatesPublish DatePDFText OnlyRelated Patents
Curve-fitting Approach to Touch Gesture Finger Pitch Parameter Extraction2019/026587916/205,08303/01/2010PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Gesture-Level Grammar Arrangements for Spatial-Gesture User Interfaces such as Touchscreen, High Dimensional Touch Pad (HDTP), Free-Space Camera, and Other User Interface Technologies2019/008701016/121,402 03/07/2011 05/04/2011PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Software Controlled Transport and Operation Processes for Fluidic and Microfluidic Systems, Temporal and Event-Driven Control Sequence Scripting, Functional Libraries, and Script Creation Tools2019/007323816/179,84911/02/2017PDFTextMicrofluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Valve Configurations Facilitating Clearing, Cleaning, Drying, and Burst Formation for Microfluidic Devices, Fluidic Arrangements, and Other Systems2019/007298716/179,82511/02/2017PDFTextMicrofluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Stepwise and Blockwise Biochemical Network Laboratory Breadboard Systems and Techniques for Signaling, Disease Research, Drug Discovery, Cell Biology, and Other Applications 2019/002529714/485,79103/15/2013 PDFTextBiochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
Hand-rotatable Plug Valve With Motorized Longitudinally-movable Gate Rotating For Use As A Stopcock With Laboratory Glassware In Chemical Laboratory Automation And Other Applications 2019/002265616/144,59410/06/2009PDFTextChemical Laboratory Automation
Optical Tomography Optoelectronic Arrangements For Microplate Wells 2018/034088916/036,646
Proximate Microscopic Imaging and Tomography
Multi-Channel Data Sonification System with Partitioned Timbre Spaces Including Periodic Modulation Techniques2018/033601216/049,57306/16/2009PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Heterogeneous Tactile Sensing Via Multiple Sensor Types Using Spatial Information Processing Acting on Initial Image Processed Data from Each Sensor2018/033589316/051,23312/06/2011PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Per-Well Imaging Arrangements for Advanced Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies2018/029141816/005,38903/15/2013 PDFTextNext-Generation Microplate Technologies
Cell Culture Incubator Arrangements for Advanced Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies with Per-Well Fluidics, Gas Exchange, Electronic Sensors, and Imaging2018/029141716/005,30803/15/2013PDFTextNext-Generation Microplate Technologies
Per-Well Illumination and Optical Stimulation Arrangements for Advanced Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies2018/029141616/005,23203/15/2013PDFText Next-Generation Microplate Technologies
Cap Arrangements Providing Per-Well Fluidics and Gas Exchange for Advanced Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies2018/029141516/005,15703/15/2013PDFTextNext-Generation Microplate Technologies
Cap Arrangements with Per-Well Sensors for Advanced Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies2018/029141416/004,84403/15/2013 PDFTextNext-Generation Microplate Technologies
Sound Synthesis for Data Sonification Employing a Human Auditory Perception Eigenfunction Model in Hilbert Space2018/028641815/997,53907/31/2009PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
High-Dimensional Touch Parameter (HDTP) Game Controllers With Multiple Usage And Networking Modalities2018/020752615/926,727
08/05/2010PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Enhanced Roll-Over, Button, Menu, Slider, and Hyperlink Environments for High Dimensional Touchpad (HDTP), Other Advanced Touch User Interfaces, and Advanced Mice2018/0074680 15/815,446 02/12/2010PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Customizable Wearable Electronic Musical Instruments Having User-Installable Controller Modules and Synthesis Modules2018/006864515/806,578 12/15/2003PDFTextMusic Instruments
Modular computer-controlled multistep chemical processing system for use in laboratory automation or chemical production2018/0015463 15/717,02409/27/2017PDFTextChemical Laboratory Automation
Color imaging using array of wavelength-selective optoelectronic elements as light-field image or sensor2017/0373214 15/676,74903/25/2010PDFTextLensless Light-Field Imaging
Flexible modular hierarchical adaptively controlled electronic-system cooling and energy harvesting for IC chip packaging, printed circuit boards, subsystems, cages, racks, IT rooms, and data centers using quantum and classical thermoelectric materials2017/034325415/665,22011/05/2012PDFTextSemiconductor and Data Center Cooling

Optical Tomography Optoelectronic Arrangements for Microscopy, Cell Cytometry, Microplate Array Instrumentation, Crystallography, and Other Applications 2017/032883015/652,14106/16/2009
PDFTextProximate Microscopic Imaging and Tomography
Interactive graphical surface-rendering data visualization tools for tabular data and spreadsheets2017/026242515/601,89209/02/2009PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Computer system and microfluidic instrumentation for next-generation biological signaling network research and drug discovery2017/023587215/586,16605/03/2017PDFTextBiochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
General-purpose reconfigurable conduit and reaction chamber microfluidic arrangements for lab-on-chip and miniature chemical processing2017/022516315/499,76711/28/2006PDFTextMicrofluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Advanced touch control of a media player application via yaw finger angle using a high dimensional touchpad (HDTP) touch user interface2017/0220246 15/489,61607/12/2008PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
LED/OLED array approach to integrated display, focusing lensless light-field camera, and touch-screen user interface devices and associated processors2017/022020115/488,29507/09/2010PDFTextIntegrated Lensless Camera, Touch, and Display
Use of Transparent Photosensor Array to Implement Integrated Combinations of Touch Screen Tactile, Touch Gesture Sensor, Color Image Display, Hand-Image Gesture Sensor, Document Scanner, Secure Optical Data Exchange, and Fingerprint Processing Capabilities
2017/0220145 15/492,68107/09/2010
PDFTextIntegrated Lensless Camera, Touch, and Display
Three-Dimensional Multiple-Layer Microfluidic Micro-Droplet Arrays for Chemical and Biochemical Microreactors, Miniature Bioreactors, Heat Transfer, and Other Applications2016/037544015/260,80102/16/201212/29/16PDFText Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Removable fluidics structures for microarray, microplates, sensor arrays, and other removable media2014/027481413/815,75703/15/201309/18/14PDFTextMicrofluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Modular Biochemical Signaling Laboratory Breadboard for Disease Research, Drug Discovery, Cell Biology, and Other Applications 2014/027304514/216,42003/15/201309/18/14PDFTextBiochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
Wearable Gesture Based Control Device2014/026712314/292,77005/15/199909/18/14PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Cross-feedback-controlled hysteron synthesized hysteresis networks for signal processing, controllers, music, and computer simulations in physics, engineering, and economics2014/016370214/180,57907/20/201006/12/14
PDFText Advanced Signal Processing
Split, Break, Substitute, and Fragment-Splice Operations for Computer Models of Enzyme Cascades, Metabolic Signal Transduction, Signaling Pathways, Catalytic Chemical Reaction Networks, and Immunology2014/012919614/150,01004/26/2009
05/08/14PDFText Biochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
Small-Profile Lensless Optical Microscopy Imaging and Tomography Instruments and Elements For Low Cost And Integrated Microscopy2014/009222914/105,108

PDFText Proximate Microscopic Imaging and Tomography
Energy and Internal Environment Management Information Systems and Methods for Complex Buildings and Campuses2013/028996713/674,94305/08/201010/31/13
PDFTextBuilding Energy Management
Microprocessor-Controlled Microfluidic Platform for Pathogen, Toxin, Biomarker, and Chemical Detection with Removable Updatable Sensor Array for Food and Water Safety, Medical, and Laboratory Applications2013/021759813/761,14202/06/2012 02/07/2012 03/22/201208/22/13
PDFTextBiochemical/Chemical Sensors and Sensor-Array Systems
Adaptive Multi-Level Control For Variable-Hierarchy-Structure Hierarchical Systems2013/021155313/769,18302/15/20128/15/13PDFTextControl Systems
Heat Transfer Subsystem Interconnection Arrangements for Information Technology2013/019227013/678,51902/16/201108/01/13
PDFTextSemiconductor and Data Center Cooling
Software Systems for Development, Control, Programming, Simulation, and Emulation of Fixed and Reconfigurable Lab-On-A-Chip DevicesĀ 2013/014458613/757,66212/04/200706/06/13
PDFTextMicrofluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Gesteme (Gesture Primitive) Recognition for Advanced Touch User Interfaces2013/014137513/707,51812/06/201106/06/13
PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Communications Among Subsystems in Adaptive Cooling and Energy Harvesting Arrangements for Information Technology2013/013371013/674,94802/16/201105/30/13
PDFTextSemiconductor and Data Center Cooling
Interactive Data Visualization Utilizing HDTP Touchpad, HDTP Touchscreens, Advanced Multitouch, or Advanced Mice2013/009143712/875,12809/02/200904/11/13
PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Room Electrical Usage Measurement Arrangements for Energy Management Systems and Building Environment Information Systems2013/006979613/674,94405/08/201003/21/13
PDFTextBuilding Energy Management
3D Finger Posture Detection and Gesture Recognition on Touch Surfaces2013/000989613/544,96007/09/201101/10/13
PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Interactive WYSIWYG Control of Mathematical and Statistical Plots and Representational Graphics for Analysis and Data Visualization2012/031750913/357,59509/02/200912/13/12
PDFTextData Visualization And Sonification
Simple Touch Interface and HDTP Grammars for Rapid Operation of Physical Computer Aided Design (CAD) Systems2012/028092713/464,94605/04/201111/08/12
PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Use of Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Displays as a High-Resolution Optical Tactile Sensor For High Dimensional Touchpad (HDTP) User Interfaces2012/027459613/547,02407/11/201111/01/12
PDFTextIntegrated Lensless Camera, Touch, and Display
Towards the Very Smallest Electronic Circuits and Systems: Transduction, Signal Processing, and Digital Logic in Molecular Fused-Rings via Mesh Ring-Currents2012/011283012/940,04209/02/200905/10/12
PDFTextMolecular Electronics
Rotary Plug, Ball, and Laboratory Stopcock Valves with Arbitrary Mapping of Flow to Rotation Angle and Provisions for Servo Controls2012/008595112/899,55110/06/200904/12/12
PDFTextChemical Laboratory Automation
Touch-Based User Interfaces Employing Artificial Neural Networks for HDTP Parameter and Symbol Derivation2012/005684613/038,36503/01/201003/08/12
PDFTextTouch, Gesture, and HDTP
Window Manager Input Focus Control for High Dimensional Touchpad (HDTP), Advanced Mice, and Other Multidimensional User Interfaces2011/020293413/026,09702/12/201008/18/11
PDFText Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) Providing Modeling, Decision Support Visualization, Sonification, Web Interface, Risk Management, Sensitivity Analysis, Sensor Telemetry, Field Video, and Field Audio2010/031851212/817,07406/16/2009
PDFTextGeographic Information Systems (GIS) and Models
Controlled Light Sculptures For Visual Effects In Music Performance Applications2005/012637411/004,74605/15/199906/16/05
PDFTextMusic/Theatre Performance Technologies
Musical Instrument Lighting For Visual Performance Effects2005/012637311/004,44905/15/199906/16/05
PDFText Music/Theatre Performance Technologies
Piecewise-Linear and Piecewise-Affine Subspace Transformations for Finger-Angle and Spatial Measurement Decoupling and Correction In Single-Touch and Multi-Touch Touchpad and Touchscreen Systems2019/018788816/283,562 04/23/2010PDFText Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Advanced Lensless Light-Field Imaging Systems for Enabling a Wide Range of Entirely New Applications2019/0188875 16/283,604
PDFTextLensless Light-Field Imaging
Color Imaging Using Array of Wavelength-Selective Optoelectronic Elements as Light-Field or Image Sensor and Additionally Capable of Emitting Light2019/019869916/289,1753/25/2010PDFTextLensless Light-Field Imaging
Electronic Musical Instrument Controller Merging Responses from a Plurality of Strumpads2019/025935916/397,89212/15/2003PDFTextMusic Instruments
Envelope-Controlled Dynamic Layering Of Audio Signal Processing And Synthesis For Music Applications2005/012087011/040,16305/15/1999
PDFTextMusic Signal Processing
High-Accuracy Statistical Detection and Discernment of Pathogens, Substances, and Biomarkers Using Binary Classifiers Operating on Processed Measurements from Groups of Less-Accurate Sensors2019/0257829 16/39949802/06/2012 02/07/2012 03/22/2012PDFTextBiochemical/Chemical Sensors and Sensor-Array Systems