R&D / New Technologies

Since its inception, New Renaissance Institute has been performing pure research, undertaking commercially-oriented Research and Development (R&D), and developing new technologies for pre-commercialization.

Although there is overlap in the R&D and applications, NRI currently has classified its innovation work into the 24 categories listed in the array below. The text name of each of the categories in the array below is a clickable link to an associated overview description for that named NRI innovation area and associated NRI-owned patent assets.

Each the 24 links below provide discussions of NRI innovation and technology and tables of associated NRI patent assets. Each patent is only cited once across the 24 NRI innovation and technology pages.

Advanced Signal Processing
Bandwidth Management
Biochemical/Chemical Sensors and Sensor-Array Systems
Biochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
Building Energy Management
Chemical Laboratory Automation
Chemical Processing
Control Systems
Data Visualization and Sonification
Focus Correction
Fractional Fourier Optical Processing
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Models
Integrated Lensless Camera, Touch and Display
Lensless Light Field Imaging
Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Molecular Electronics
Music Control
Music Instruments
Music Signal Processing
Music/Theatre Performance Technologies
Next-Generation Microplate Technologies
Proximate Microscopic Imaging and Tomography
Semiconductor and Data Center Cooling
Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Additionally, the following global activity pages provide NRI-wide summary reference to a variety of separate activities, both isolated projects and support work for the 24 NRI innovation and technology categories.

NRI Environmental Science and Green Chemistry
NRI Mathematics