Adaptive Multi-Level Control Systems

Current NRI control system and systems theory R&D is directed to large-scale nonlinear biochemical network models (see Biochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation) and the area describe here pertaining to deterministic self-configurable hierarchical control systems.

In NRI’s hierarchical multiple-level control system approach, various subsystems, each with their own control system, are configured to operate in isolation but –when interconnected or networked with additional subsystems associated with other hierarchical levels – then assume respective roles in a resulting complete, partially-complete, or interrupted multiple-level hierarchy. Applications can include arrangements wherein various elements in a pre-defined or emergent hierarchy can be introduced and/or removed in arbitrary order at arbitrary times. Provisions are included for the subsystem and/or their associated control systems for model-based control, Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers, fractional order controllers, saturation compensators, hysteretic controllers, sliding mode controllers, and other approaches. The NRI approach allows for the dynamics within various subsystems to comprise or be structured as linear systems, bilinear systems, nonlinear systems, hysteretic systems, time-delay systems, fractional order systems, etc.

Such self-configurable hierarchical control systems control systems appear to have many potential applications. The framework was originally developed for modularly-deployed multiple-level distributed thermoelectric cooling/energy-harvesting systems for computer systems and data centers (see Semiconductor and Data Center Cooling). Additional potential applications include networked high-reliability control systems, robotics systems, networked sensor systems, adaptive communications networks, high-reliability communications networks, and command-and-control applications.

Earlier control system and systems theory work involving stochastic mixed-timescale/multiple-service bandwidth and resource allocation systems, bilinear control systems, and hysteretic systems. NRI plans further work in each of these areas.

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