Pending Unpublished Patent Applications

New Renaissance Institute’s patent status as of January 24, 2018 is as follows:

TitleApplication NumberPriority DatesRelated Patents
Modular Arrangements for Micro-Conduit Fluidics and Gas Exchange62/693,63207/03/2018Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Miniaturized Direct Optical Absorption Gas Sensor Arrangements for Enclosed Chambers, and Microplate Wells, Piping, and Conduits62/693,618
07/03/2018Biochemical/Chemical Sensors and Sensor-Arrays
Microplate Lid Arrangements for Providing Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies with Per-Well Fluidics, Gas Exchange, Electronic Sensors, and Imaging62/693,60307/03/2018Next-Generation Microplate Technologies
Software Controlled Transport and Operation Processes for Fluidic and Microfluidic Systems, Temporal and Event-Driven Control Sequence Scripting, Functional Libraries, and Script Creation Tools62/580,84111/02/2017Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Optical Tomography Optoelectronic Arrangements for Microplate Wells 16/036,646
08/09/2013Proximate Microscopy and Optical Tomography
Flow State Aware Management of QoS with a Distributed Classifier16/005,44407/27/2009 Bandwidth Management
Per-Well Imaging Arrangements for Advanced Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies16/005,38903/15/2013Next-Generation Microplate Technologies
Cell Culture Incubator Arrangements for Advanced Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies with Per-Well Fluidics, Gas Exchange, Electronic Sensors, and Imaging16/005,30803/15/2013Next-Generation Microplate Technologies
Per-Well Illumination and Optical Stimulation Arrangements for Advanced Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies16/005,23203/15/2013Next-Generation Microplate Technologies
Cap Arrangements Providing Per-Well Fluidics and Gas Exchange for Advanced Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies16/005,15703/15/2013Next-Generation Microplate Technologies
Cap Arrangements with Per-Well Sensors for Advanced Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies16/004,84403/15/2013Next-Generation Microplate Technologies
Sound Synthesis for Data Sonification Employing a Human Auditory Perception Eigenfunction Model in Hilbert Space15/997,539 07/31/2009 Data Visualization And Sonification
High-Dimensional Touch Parameter (HDTP) Game Controllers With Multiple Usage And Networking15/926,727 08/05/2010Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Advanced Lensless Light-Field Imaging Systems and Methods for Enabling a Wide Range of Entirely New Applications 15/647,230
Lensless Light-Field Imaging
Chemical Synthesis and Analysis Via Integrated, Sequential and Series-Parallel Photochemical and Electrochemical Processes for Microfluidic, Lab-On-A-Chip, and Green-Chemistry Applications
Chemical Processing

Stepwise and Blockwise Biochemical Network Laboratory Breadboard Systems and Techniques for Signaling, Disease Research, Drug Discovery, Cell Biology, and Other Applications14/485,791
Biochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
Vignetted Optoelectronic Array for Use in Synthetic Image Formation via Signal Processing, Lensless Cameras, and Integrated Camera-Displays 14/478,920
Lensless Light-Field Imaging
Human User Interfaces Recognizing Interruption of the Execution of a First Gesture with the Execution of a Second Gesture Utilizing Pause or Lift-Off
Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Programmable Optical Computing Device Employing LED Array Transducers, Non-Quadratic Phase Optical Elements, and Stacked LightModulator Elements
Fractional Fourier Optical Processing
Multi-Channel Chemical Transport Bus with Bus-Associated Sensors for Microfluidic and Other Applications
Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Vignetted planar spatial light-field sensor and spatial sampling designs for far-field lensless synthetic imaging via signal processing image formation
Lensless Light-Field Imaging
Packet Network Source Node Providing Flow-State Aware QoS Management Without User Signalling
Bandwidth Management
Sequential Classification Recognition of Gesture Primitives and Window-Based Parameter Smoothing For High Dimensional Touchpad (HDTP) User Interfaces
Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Auditory Eigenfunction Approach to Auditory Language Design, Implemention, and Rendering Optimized for Human Auditory Perception
Data Visualization And Sonification
Rate-Constant Invariance Simplifications for Analysis Systems of Biochemical Signaling Networks, Metabolic Networks, Catalytic Chemical Reaction Networks, and Immunology
Biochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation