Pending Unpublished Patent Applications

New Renaissance Institute’s patent status as of October 28, 2018 is as follows:

Aside from the 9 acquired patent assets mentioned, all NRI patent assets are of NRI inventors and were written and filed by NRI staff.

TitleApplication NumberPriority DatesRelated Patents
Modular Arrangements for Micro-Conduit Fluidics and Gas Exchange62/693,63207/03/2018Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Miniaturized Direct Optical Absorption Gas Sensor Arrangements for Enclosed Chambers, Microplate Wells, Piping, and Conduits62/693,618
07/03/2018Biochemical/Chemical Sensors and Sensor-Array Systems
Microplate Lid Arrangements for Providing Microplate, Microarray, and Microtiter Technologies with Per-Well Fluidics, Gas Exchange, Electronic Sensors, and Imaging62/693,60307/03/2018Next-Generation Microplate Technologies
Curve-fitting Approach to Touch Gesture Finger Pitch Parameter Extraction16/205,08303/01/2010Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Software Controlled Transport and Operation Processes for Fluidic and Microfluidic Systems, Temporal and Event-Driven Control Sequence Scripting, Functional Libraries, and Script Creation Tools16/179,84911/02/2017Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Valve Configurations Facilitating Clearing, Cleaning, Drying, and Burst Formation for Microfluidic Devices, Fluidic Arrangements, and Other Systems16/179,82511/02/2017Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Gesture-Level Grammar Arrangements for Spatial-Gesture User Interfaces such as Touchscreen, High Dimensional Touch Pad (HDTP), Free-Space Camera, and Other User Interface Technologies16/121,40203/07/2011 05/04/2011Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Heterogeneous Tactile Sensing Via Multiple Sensor Types Using Spatial Information Processing Acting on Initial Image Processed Data from Each Sensor16/051,23312/06/2011Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Chemical Synthesis and Analysis Via Integrated, Sequential and Series-Parallel Photochemical and Electrochemical Processes for Microfluidic, Lab-On-A-Chip, and Green-Chemistry Applications
Chemical Processing

Stepwise and Blockwise Biochemical Network Laboratory Breadboard Systems and Techniques for Signaling, Disease Research, Drug Discovery, Cell Biology, and Other Applications14/485,791
Biochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation
Vignetted Optoelectronic Array for Use in Synthetic Image Formation via Signal Processing, Lensless Cameras, and Integrated Camera-Displays 14/478,920
Lensless Light-Field Imaging
Human User Interfaces Recognizing Interruption of the Execution of a First Gesture with the Execution of a Second Gesture Utilizing Pause or Lift-Off
Touch, Gesture, and HDTP
Programmable Optical Computing Device Employing LED Array Transducers, Non-Quadratic Phase Optical Elements, and Stacked LightModulator Elements
Fractional Fourier Optical Processing
Multi-Channel Chemical Transport Bus with Bus-Associated Sensors for Microfluidic and Other Applications
Microfluidic and Lab-On-A-Chip Systems
Vignetted planar spatial light-field sensor and spatial sampling designs for far-field lensless synthetic imaging via signal processing image formation
Lensless Light-Field Imaging
Sequential Classification Recognition of Gesture Primitives and Window-Based Parameter Smoothing For High Dimensional Touchpad (HDTP) User Interfaces
Touch, Gesture, and HDTP

Rate-Constant Invariance Simplifications for Analysis Systems of Biochemical Signaling Networks, Metabolic Networks, Catalytic Chemical Reaction Networks, and Immunology
Biochemical Signaling Network Modeling and Instrumentation